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Visual Designer
Snibbe Studio


This App Album takes the incredible remix album produced by Beck and gives it a feature-length interactive visual treatment. Artists  include Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes, Silver Alert, Pantha du Prince, My Great Ghost and Peter Broderick. The App and Album are intended as a tribute to Phillip Glass, each composition inspired by qualities in his music.

REWORK_ features eleven “music visualizers” that take the remixed tracks and create interactive visuals that range from futuristic three-dimensional landscapes to shattered multicolored crystals, and vibrating sound waves. People can lean back and enjoy REWORK_ end to end, or they can touch and interact with the visualizers to create their own visual remixes. I worked with Scott Snibbe and Ahna Girshnik to design two of the visualizers; Nosay Thing and Ty Braxton.

“This is a way for people who don’t have the experience of manipulating music material to see what it’s like”   Phillip Glass