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Mad Dogs and Englishmen


My nation’s colonial past with meets with it’s post-colonial present in this illuminated map of the world. It was created as a tribute to the leisured idiot – the white tourist on holiday abroad, seeking an all-over tan. Caught out in the sun on a nudist beach in Central America, this tourist gave himself a massive case of sun-burn, managing to loose an entire layer of skin from his backside.

Unable to sit down for a week, I eventually shed my European skin one day while taking a shower. The feeling was sublime. I kept the pieces of skin rolled up in my journal, returning to England months later to carefully lay them flat across a piece of glass. Once glued into place, I carved the map out with a surgeon’s scalpel. The pieces formed new geographical boundaries and the crevices in my skin became emblematic of a new topography.

                   Mad Dogs and Englishmen : Sing along !