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Disney and Marvel Apps

Creative Director
Snibbe Interactive


I helped lead the creative team at Snibbe Interactive to win this contract with Disney. The first phase of the project was to imagine the future of Disney’s ‘digital collectibles’, developing ideas for platforms that combine augmented reality with physical toys, social games with Kinect cameras, and apps that function as a compelling interface to ‘d-graph’ – Disney’s extensive database of digital content.

The project developed into a contract to design and engineer a ‘platform app’ that would eventually feature multiple Disney brands, films and characters. We came up with the idea of an interactive timeline that traverses 2D and 3D space; an easily navigable map that transforms into an immersive ‘ride’ through the Disney universe. For the first time ever, Disney fans would be able to follow their favorite characters across multiple plot-lines and media, seeing where and when they interact with other characters, and how they have changed over the years.

App Introduction Sequence

The app begins with an animated introduction that takes us to the Disney castle, flying through the air in tandem with the timeline ribbons. The timeline Journeys all take place within the seemingly infinite space of the castle.

Animated Wireframes

We used Illustrator and After Effects to produce dozens of animated wireframes. This clip shows how the interface transition from a 2D map to an immersive 3D ride, and how fans can create and share their own timelines.

Marvel App : Animated Comp

The Marvel App uses much of the same code as the Disney app, as it pulls the content from a different database. This animation shows how the timelines of various super heroes can be selected and browsed by the user, so it becomes clear how character plot-lines converge and diverge over the years. The platform opens up a character’s entire storyline, going back to the very earliest comic book stories.