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I have been imagining and producing interactive experiences for museums, entertainment venues, retail and healthcare environments for more than 15 years. By applying a keen aesthetic sense to a rigorous design development process, I craft compelling interactive narratives that convey my client’s story with grace and clarity.

As the Creative Director of Snibbe Interactive I sourced, managed and mentored a talented team of graphic designers, animators, character designers, 3D modelers, and videographers. I oversaw the creative development of the firm for four years, growing our product range to include multi-touch tables, large scale interactive floor projections, immersive gesture recognizing screens, and innovative iOS apps. Clients include Beck, Björk, Phillip Glass, James Cameron, more than sixty museums, dozens of corporations and several children’s hospitals. During my time at the firm, we won design awards for our work across each of the four main verticals, while also establishing a product range with re-scriptable content and customizable behaviors.

I also maintain a personal line of exploration, combing nano-scaled physical materials with digital technologies – extending the pixel into physical space.  These systems modulate and alter people’s sense of perception through bending, twisting, and refracting light as it interacts with the physical environment. Exhibits have been shown in Europe, North America, India and Southeast Asia.

I am currently focusing my energies on finishing two large scale artworks, as I also work as a Senior Lecturer at the California College of Arts in San Francisco, where I teach interaction design to graduate students.